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World Tour 2021 - 2033

The expedition starts in June 2021 with the famous “Cape To Cape Tour” from the Norwegian North Cape to the southernmost point of Africa - the Cape of Good Hope. Including a spring & summer stopover in 2022 at the island of Iceland. The 70,000km long first stage will take us in four years from Scandinavia - via Iceland - Germany, Austria and the Balkans to the Middle East and further on via the East African route to the southern tip of Africa.

2025 and 2026 will determine the longest street in the world - the PanAmericana. This connects the extreme southern tip of Argentina with Alaska in the north. The route crosses 17 states, 6 time zones and 4 climatic zones over a distance of around 30,000km. As a “10,000km detour” we overcome the Brazilian rainforest between the Atlantic and the Pacific twice. About the legendary Transoceánica from West to East and the adventurous Transamazônica from East to West.


2027 is all about the big North America tour. This takes us - but this time in the arctic winter - to the far north of Canada to drive the world-famous Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road. 495km of the 568km long ice road lead over frozen lakes. The 7,821km long Trans-Canada Highway then takes us across the continent to the east coast of the USA. We follow this to the southernmost tip of Florida to Key West. Via New Orleans and the southern states of the USA it’s back to Baltimore, from where it is shipped to Hamburg.

From summer 2028 to the end of 2029 on the old silk road and a challenging 48,000km overland to Australia. The journey takes us via Russia, Central Asia and China to Cape Komorin, the southernmost point on the Indian mainland. Crossing the exotic countries of Southeast Asia, this stage of the journey ends in East Timor, from where the shipments are made to Australia.

2030 and 2031 will then be all about a 30,000km round trip through Australia and New Zealand. In a gigantic figure eight we will experience "Down Under" in all its colors and facets, discover the impressive volcanic and glacier landscapes of New Zealand and then ship them back to East Timor via Darwin.

The last big stage of the world tour will take us in 2032 and 2033 via Southeast Asia, China, Mongolia and Russia and another adventurous 45,000km back to Austria.

All images © 2018-2021 Harald Boehaker 

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